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ARC Technologies leads the way in industrial automation, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for variable speed drives, softstarters, PLCs, and HMIs. Collaborating with industry giants ABB and Siemens, we deliver exceptional technologies to optimize industrial processes. Our partnership with ABB provides versatile ACS580 and high-performance ACS880 series drives, while our offerings include reliable ABB softstarters like the PSTX series. With Siemens PLCs, such as the flexible S7-1200 and high-performance S7-1500, we enable real-time monitoring and precise control. We also provide energy audits to identify savings opportunities. As a value provider for ABB Ability™ Energy Manager, we empower clients to optimize energy consumption and achieve sustainability goals.

Key Products

Variable Speed Drives
Explore ABB's comprehensive catalog of variable speed drives, including the versatile ACS580 and high-performance ACS880, among others. Maximize energy savings, enhance performance, and elevate your industrial processes with ABB's cutting-edge solutions.
Discover ABB's wide range of softstarters, including the reliable PSTX series and the advanced PSE range. Achieve smooth motor acceleration, reduce mechanical stress, and enhance energy efficiency with ABB's industry-leading softstarters.
Experience the power of Siemens PLCs for intelligent automation. From the flexible S7-1200 series to the high-performance S7-1500, Siemens offers cutting-edge programmable logic controllers. Achieve real-time monitoring, precise control, and seamless integration for optimized industrial processes.
Discover Siemens HMIs, providing intuitive control interfaces for seamless operation. From the compact SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels to the advanced SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels, Siemens offers user-friendly solutions. Monitor, diagnose, and optimize your industrial processes with ease using Siemens HMIs.
Energy Audits & Solutions
Energy audits are the key to unlocking efficiency potential in your business. Our comprehensive assessment identifies energy-saving opportunities, optimizes systems, and recommends sustainable solutions to reduce consumption, lower costs, and minimize environmental impact. Discover the untapped energy efficiency potential with our expert energy audits.
ABB Ability Energy Manager
ABB Ability™ Energy Manager is a powerful solution that empowers businesses to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. With advanced monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities, it enables real-time visibility into energy usage, identifies inefficiencies, and suggests actionable measures for improvement. Unleash the full potential of your energy management with ABB Ability™ Energy Manager.

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