Critical Power

ARC Technologies is a leading supplier and integrator of Critical Power solutions, offering UPSs, diesel generators, switchgear, and more for data centers. We partner with Schneider Electric/APC and represent "Ensmart" for UPS and generator solutions. With service centers across Egypt, we provide timely maintenance for UPSs. Our clientele includes hospitals, banks, and medical centers, reflecting our commitment to reliability and excellence in Critical Power provision.

Key Products

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UPSs from 600 W up 1250 KVA

From smaller-scale units suitable for individual devices to high-capacity systems designed for large-scale operations like data centers and industrial facilities, our UPS solutions guarantee continuous and stable power, mitigating the risks of downtime and data loss during power disruptions.

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Voltage Stabilizers

ARC Technologies offers voltage stabilizer solutions, ensuring consistent voltage output to safeguard electronic equipment and enhance operational efficiency.

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ARC Technologies collaborates with international suppliers to provide autotransformers, versatile electrical devices used to adjust voltage levels efficiently. These autotransformers facilitate voltage regulation by transferring electrical energy between circuits while altering the voltage level. Working closely with trusted global partners,

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Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are dependable power sources that use diesel fuel to generate electricity, commonly serving as backup power during outages or in remote areas without grid access. They're valued for their durability, efficiency, and ability to provide continuous power.

Strategic Partnership